Our Story

"GROUPIRA offers people a convenient and cost effective way to invest better for whatever comes next in life."

Petros P. Koumantaros, Co-Founder


Workplace retirement programs, such as 401k plans and pension plans, are designed around scale. Scale enables such programs to operate more efficiently. More efficient operations enable workplace retirement plan participants to benefit from less costly investment options.

But, what happens when you change jobs? What happens when you need to rollover your 401k or pension to an IRA?

The Problem

GROUPIRA, Inc. founders, all retirement plan professionals with 50 years of collective retirement planning experience, observed an alarming trend:

Individual investors generally pay substantially more for investment management and investment advice than 401k plan participants.

The Opportunity
But, what if individual investors could benefit from the scale provided in 401k plans within their IRAs...

In 2010, we began developing the solution. The GROUPIRA® Program was launched July 4, 2011 with this vision in mind:

Enable people to plan and invest better for whatever comes next in life.
Who We Are

We incorporated in Washington State under the name GROUPIRA, Inc. on September 8, 2011. GROUPIRA, Inc. is completely independent and is financed exclusively by employee shareholders. We have not accepted any external capital, so we are free of conflicts of interest, and are not influenced by any venture capitalists. Our motivation is simply to deliver value and to improve the outcomes of our Member-Clients.

As a technology program service provider, and an order routing system operator for IRAs, we have steadily grown to more than $40 Million in IRA assets.

As a Financial-Technology Firm (Fin-Tech), our Members benefit from our un-conflicted approach to service, and our leading technology, both of which facilitate a simple and cost effective way to invest better for whatever comes next in life.

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