Invest with the Power of Many

Introducing a better way to invest for whatever comes next in life.

How it works. Collective buying power.

Through collective buying power and our leading technology, the GROUPIRA® Program enables people to access investment options and investment advice that was previously out of reach for most investors.

Lonely Investor

Mutual fund investing. A new approach.

Mutual funds are useful tools for long-term investing, as they can provide broad diversification, which can reduce risk. However, not all mutual funds are created equal. Retail mutual funds are generally much more expensive than institutional share classes. Unfortunately, institutional share classes typically require large initial and subsequent investments, making them out of reach for most people.

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Reduce costs. It's that easy.

Prior to the GROUPIRA® Program, only wealthy individuals, large pension funds, trust accounts, or corporations could access these lower cost investments. Most individual investors were forced to pay higher investment management fees. But not anymore.

Through the GROUPIRA® Program, the collective buying power of many investors drives down investment costs, so more of your money works for you.

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It really works. See how.

This example showcases the cost difference of $10,000 invested in the PIMCO Total Return Fund. The cost differences between retail mutual funds and institutional mutual funds can be very significant over time.

The cost projections were independently provided by Morningstar, based on data as of February 17, 2016 for Ticker Symbols PTTAX vs. PTTRX.

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Need Advice? We make it accessible.

We know that the right personal investment advice can help individuals to reach their financial goals better. Unfortunately, many of the best investment advisory firms have large minimum required account balances, sometimes $500,000 or more. People who didn't have that much to invest were forced to work on their own. We make advice accessible to all investors.

If you want some additional help with your investment allocation, then a professionally managed account may be right for you. The GROUPIRA® Program partners with many investment professionals to provide you with asset allocation support and access to their model investment portfolios.

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