Supporting Workplace Retirement Plans and their Sponsors

Since employers offer workplace retirement plans for the benefit of current employees, we know it can be frustrating when former employees choose not to move their accounts. In fact, a 2011 AON-Hewitt Report found that 29% of participants eligible to receive a benefit distribution chose to keep their money in the plan. Such decisions can have costly administration and recordkeeping impacts to the plan and to the sponsoring employer.

Automatic rollovers solve this problem. Generally, when a participant's balance is less than $5,000, a workplace retirement plan can automatically transfer a participant's balance into a rollover IRA. The GROUPIRA® Program's technology platform can integrate with many recordkeepers of workplace retirement plans to facilitate an easy transfer. Best of all, the GROUPIRA® Program Automatic Rollover Solution can be delivered at no cost to employers or their recordkeepers.

Participant balances are placed in a capital preservation fund, consistent with liquidity needs. The former plan participant may access the IRA at any time, simply by contacting GROUPIRA® Member Services.

Individually Managed IRA

An Individually Managed IRA features a menu of mutual fund investment options. From the menu, investors create their own personal investment allocation. The menu is periodically reviewed and updated. When a more favorably priced mutual fund share class becomes available, we conveniently upgrade your balance to the better priced investment.

In addition to these investment options and, subject to the Custodian’s policies, additional self-directed investment options can be made available to Members. For certain Members the IRA Custodian also takes custody of third-party promissory note investments within Member IRAs.

Professionally Managed IRA

GROUPIRA, Inc. partners with investment advisory firms to deliver Member Services collaboratively. When selecting a Professionally Managed IRA, an investment professional advises on your account by managing the investment fund menu and building model portfolios. You may allocate your investments among the model portfolios and/or the investment menu.

When your investment adviser updates model portfolios and the investment menu, your account balance and future contributions are conveniently transferred to the replacement investment. This approach is appropriate for investors who want professional assistance managing their asset allocation strategy.

Personalized advice from the right adviser could be the difference in attaining your financial goals.